Top 3 Profile/Resume Mistakes

Generally, professionals include their LinkedIn profile, GitHub and other web links in their resume and overlook to correct the profiles/resume mistakes.

Links in your Resume

  • Make sure the links listed in your profile is still active. For instance, mobile developers list all their app links, but they miss to check those apps are still active.
  • Make sure the links match to the corresponding web pages. When you copy paste a link in your document to edit, the underlying hyperlink might be still pointing to an older link.

LinkedIn Profile

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. The details in the resume should match your LinkedIn profile including education, skills, accomplishments if any, interests along with your professional experience summary.
  • Recommendations from your current, past manager or colleagues would be of a great asset and value. This helps the recruiter or the HR manager to make a decision when they have several candidates to consider.
  • If you use Activity feature, then please remember to keep 3Ps in mind (professional, polite and positive).


  • List only the projects you want to showcase. Review and remove any personal random project from your GitHub. After all, this is to showcase how good your code functions. So, double check anything you list in your repository.
  • Make sure your code is readable, follow the general standard and comment well. For example, if you’re making a project in Angular, try to follow JSLint. That makes your code readable and you look more professional.

Hope these hints help you in showcasing your profile in the best way possible. Please contact us to learn more about all the open positions.