Trusted Circle of Professional Network

As a seasoned professional, having a trusted circle of the professional network is a must, but building that network takes time. As with any other things in life, start identifying whom you want to network with, be patient, provide value and stay in touch. This approach will help you build a quality network for you to reach out when you need them. The need could be a change in job, mentorship, introduction, referral or anything that might arise in your professional career. Again, it is more about giving and adding value!

Where to start?

Identify the company or contacts you would like to reach out and start researching about them. You have several options and start with the Website, the job boards, then LinkedIn or Facebook pages or any other avenues where you see activities. If you could make a connection via social media, then it is great, but keep it very professional and don’t ask for favours at least until you know them well. Try to meet face to face to make things easier for both of you. Remember again, it is all about giving and not receiving when you build your circle of trust.

You will be miles ahead of the game if you start doing this early. The research helps you understand companies or individual’s goal so you will be ready to answer when there is a question. For example, if you are a front-end developer and a question is posted on social media, then answer them or if the company’s HR is posting a job, then refer a candidate you know.

The relentless intention to provide value will slowly build the circle of trust of the professional network. Once you start communicating either in person or through social media or email, make a note to stay in touch. Update them regarding your achievements, accolades or any milestones you conquered. You need to keep everyone’s memory refreshed so, they remember.

You accomplish more by giving than receiving.

Please let us know what value we could offer to you. Happy Networking!