8 reasons to choose Ionic framework for hybrid mobile app development

Ionic framework for hybrid mobile app development has come a long way and today, it is the dominant and effective framework. Although there are ‘n’ number of reasons to choose Ionic over other mobile frameworks, let us discuss the top few here,

1. Open Source & Free

Ionic framework is completely Open Source and free to use. The source code is available on GitHub. This is one of the primary reason to choose Ionic framework for hybrid mobile app Development.

2. Angular is the base

The base of Ionic is Angular. Ionic extends Angular, so this makes easy to develop mobile apps for Angular developers. Angular is one of the most popular and best JavaScript frameworks available in use today and the icing on the cake is, Angular is backed by Google.

3. The “Native” feel

Ionic has over the years become fast, smooth and responsive. It has everything built-in to perform efficiently on mobile devices.

4. Plugin Support

Ionic supports Cordova Plugins in the name of Ionic Native and for any missing feature plugin, npm modules come to the rescue.

5. Cross-platform

The cross-platform developed Ionic apps work on Android, iOS and Windows devices seamlessly. Ionic runs in web-view and provides native functionalities. Ionic also supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

6. UI Customization

Ionic provides readymade, easy to use web UI components which are highly customizable. Additionally, it allows us to use Angular framework components too.

7. Development tools and debugging

Ionic apps can be developed, debugged and deployed using readily available free open source tools. The Ionic CLI is simple, easy to use yet powerful. Development, debugging and testing of the applications is much faster and easy, the code changes reflect in the browser spontaneously which reduces development time.

8. Ionic Community

Blogs, forums and other sources of knowledge & support are available aplenty for Ionic development. The community is huge and supportive.

To sum-up, Ionic is clearly the dominant Hybrid mobile development framework which is likely to get even bigger and better in the coming days.

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