Automation Testing

The Global Automation Testing Market Size is Expected to Grow from USD 8.52 Billion in 2018 to USD 19.27 Billion by 2023 (

But that is not the only reason, automation testing helps in several ways in the testing process. Let us see the some of the advantages of automation testing.

1. Saves time and money

Time and money are the vital elements of any modern-day business. Software must be tested for each release and on all supported systems and hardware configurations. Manually repeating these tests is time-consuming and costly. Automated tests can be created once and used again with little to no modifications. Time saved from manual performing regression testing translates to money.

2. Increases test coverage

Automation testing can go deeper than manual does. Automation tests can be run simultaneously on multiple computers with different configurations. Automation tools can execute complex test cases efficiently and effectively.

3. Improves Precision

Monotonous jobs are boring for humans. Even your best tester will make mistakes during testing. Automation tests can be performed as precisely as they can be. It’ll never forget to record all details and your testers now have free time to deal with other complex features in the software.

4. Increases the reach.

It can simulate the hundreds, or thousands of virtual users using your application or software simultaneously.

5. Helps Developers and Testers

Tests can be run automatically whenever source code changes and developers can be notified, almost instantly. Developers can use it to catch minor problems quickly. It also Improves Developers and QA Morale. Rather than repeating the same task several times, automation testing can offer your developers and QA team to work on more challenging ideas and projects.

Assembling a test automation system can be a puzzle. There are too many pieces which don’t seem to fit with each other. Locating the starting point itself can be challenging.

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