UI Testing Checklist

UI testing verifies the functions of an application that are visible to a user. Below is the high-level list of tasks involved in performing UI testing.

Below are the few UI testing tasks/checklist to ensure the application meets the specification.

  • UI is working as per the functionalities defined in the spec.
    • Validation and Event triggers
    • Data Integrity
    • Verify the date, password, email, URL, and numeric field formats
  • Verifying UI elements
    • UI element standards (such as TextBoxes, Radio buttons, Check Boxes, Buttons, DropDown List, Datatable/DataGrid)
    • Its size, position, width, length, acceptance of characters or numbers based on its definition.
    • Page alignments while minimizing/ maximizing the window
    • Navigation of the links
    • Usability Conditions
    • The images are properly aligned & clear and its alternative message if exists
    • The uniformity & readability of the fonts & style throughout the application
  • The Success/Failure/Warning/Info messages are displayed with the defined colors and there should be no grammatical errors in the messages.
  • The spelling and grammars throughout the application
  • The CSS/JS warning/error messages in the browser console
  • Test the browser console to avoid redundant logs in JS
  • Smooth streaming of videos if present in the application
  • Smooth carousel events in the sliders

Ref: https://www.guru99.com/gui-testing.html

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