Application automation consists of several steps, one of the steps is in selecting a framework. There are several frameworks available those can be used to speed up the automation process. Each application automation needs are different and based on the scope, any one or more of the below top 6 automation frameworks can be used.

Let us see what constitute automation frameworks and different types of frameworks available.

What is an automation framework?

  • A framework defines a set of rules or best practices which we can follow in a systematic way to achieve the desired results.
  • Selenium Automation Framework (SAF) is developed using the web automation tool Selenium. SAF minimizing initial coding effort.
  • It can be developed using Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby.
  • Supports Cross-platform and cross-browser
  • Easily maintainable
  • Extendable through a wide range of libraries for various needs.

Most commonly used test automation frameworks.

Linear Automation Framework:

  • It is a Record & Playback framework
  • No coding expertise required. It is also the fastest and easiest way to generate the script.

Modular Testing Framework:

  • Modular Testing Framework requires testers to divide the application into separate units, functions, or sections, each of which will be tested in isolation.
  • If any changes need to be made in the application, then only the particular module needs to be updated.
  • Cannot reuse the scripts generated as data elements are hard-coded

Data-Driven Framework:

  • Data-driven test automation framework separates the test data from the test scripts
  • Multiple scenarios can be tested quickly by varying the data
  • More time is required to plan and prepare both test scripts and test data
  • Experienced testers are needed to accomplish the task

Keyword Driven Testing Framework:

  • In Keyword-Driven Testing Framework, keywords, instructions and data tables are developed separately for each test case.
  • Similar to Data-driven separates the test data from test scripts
  • Minimal scripting knowledge is needed.
  • These keywords are reusable across multiple test scripts
  • Good test automation skill is required

Hybrid Driven Testing Framework:

  • This is the combination of more than one framework.
  • It is set up to combine the advantages and moderate the weaknesses of all the associated frameworks.

Behavior Driven Development Testing Framework:

  • Create a platform to collaborate with the development and testing team actively.
  • It doesn’t require the users to be acquainted with a programming language

In conclusion, the test automation frameworks help increase reusability and coverage of scenarios, reduce time in testing and improve overall application quality.

Please reach us out to learn more about what framework works best for your test automation needs.